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Atom inside of hollow nanofiber


Profile of an atomic beam propagating through a dielectric cylinder of radius R = 50 nm and length l = 1 μm


Density of atoms in the cross section of the beam at distance  z = 0 μm  and (d) z = 6 μm

We investigate the van der Waals interaction of an atom with the internal surface of a metal or dielectric nanometer-sized cylinder and derive analytical equations for the van der Waals surface potential and force in the electrostatic approximation. We show that for a concave cylindrical surface the van der Waals potential energy can be up to four times larger than for a flat surface. This result is qualitatively explained by a reduction in the effective distance between the atom and the concave surface compared to that for a flat surface. We also evaluate the shape of an atomic beam propagating inside a hollow dielectric submicrometer-sized cylinder and we propose a scheme that will enable a precise measurement of the van der Waals constant C3




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